Alinco DM330MV power supply

I got used Alinco DM330MV switching power supply. There was a problem with the voltage adjustment potentiometer. It wobbled around and when you turned on the power supply the voltage was stuck at 15.8vdc. Due to being carried around for Field Day the knob for the voltage adjustment got hit and broke the solder pads. I epoxied the potentiometer and resoldered the broken pads. I wanted to ruggedize the front panel and add a handle on the side.



I just made some aluminum tabs which used the same front panel screws.Now if the knob has some protection against bumping. To install the handle, I had to take the front, rear and bottom plate off. I taped off the circuit boards with paper to make sure the filings would not fall on the PCB board. I didn't take the main board out. marked drilled and tapped the hole. I used some electrical tape to make sure any contacts would not short out due to vibration and tightened all the internals screws. I big fan of making stuff rugged for Field Day use. Field day is great event, anything that will go wrong will at night.

The Alinco DM330MV is a 32 amp switching power supply. It has a 10 amp lighter type plug on the front plus two 5 amp push clips. 32 amps leaves me some extra to run DC lights, and other accessories.


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