Past Activities


Past Activities



The Japan International DX Contest on November 3rd and 4th 1998 -- I had 141 QSO's, 40 multipliers = 11280 2nd place NA 28 mhz LP

Lately conditions have been getting better on 10 meters. Recently worked on 10m -- VK9LX, XT2DP, ZD7WRG, H40AA, ZL8RS, FO0FR, 9G1BJ, EM1LV, 5R8EE, 5X1T, 3DA0CA, E30HA, BQ9P, XZ1N, FT5ZH, S59Z, D33SAF, VP8CSA, OM5DP, CE0AA, 5H3US, 9A9A

1998 California QSO Party

3rd Place Orange county 901 contacts 43 multi's 77,486

All Time Novice/Tech record, 77,486


I had a good time doing the 1997 ARRL 10m Contest. The conditions were pretty good. South America (mostly LU) was strong. The East Coast openings on Saturday and Sunday were great. This year, I don't think anyone worked any JA's.

504 QSO's x 2 = 1008 x 60 multipliers = 60480 claimed score.


ARRL June VHF QSO Party 203 pts Orange


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